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Homeowners Insurance

Get the Florida Homeowners Insurance coverage you want at a price that makes sense.

Goodlad & Swank has partnered with top-rated insurance companies writing homeowner insurance coverage in Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and other South West Florida areas for primary homes, secondary and seasonal homes, condo units, as well as property you own and rent to others. We are committed to providing transparency when quoting your home and can explain the differences in companies and coverage so that you can make an educated decision. You will get the coverage you need at a price that fits your budget.

Homeowners Insurance Protects The Space You Call Your Own

Goodlad & Swank Insurance provides the local community with expert home, flood, automotive, business, HOA, and life insurance. Goodlad & Swank actively seeks to master the products they offer and aims to provide customers with the highest level of client service found in the Florida insurance marketplace.

Looking for a quote on your homeowners insurance?
Get started here:

You can buy homeowners insurance in person, via email or over the phone.

All we need is a few pieces of information to give you an accurate quote, including:

  • Who lives with you? A few questions about who will be in and out of the property, including whether you will be running a business from the home.
  • What type of construction is your home? We need details about your home’s construction, such as the type of roof along with when the roof and utilities updated.
  • Who will own the home? It is usually you and possibly a spouse. Let us know and have dates of birth and Social Security numbers ready.
  • Are you currently insured? This helps us know your prior coverages and can also provide a discount. We also like to check for any potential gaps in coverage you currently have.

Why do you need homeowners insurance?

The point of you having home insurance is to transfer risk to the insurance company. You pay them an agreed amount each policy term. In return, they agree to cover economic damages up to the maximum limit of coverage described in your policy.
Most people cannot afford to go without home insurance. In fact, if you have a loan, most banks INSIST that you have it. Losing your home to a fire or hurricane would be a nightmare. Knowing you’re covered in a disaster because you’ve transferred that risk to the insurance company gives you peace of mind.

If you want to protect you and your family,  homeowner’s insurance is essential. Keep in mind that homeowners insurance does not cover everything. Here’s a quick explanation of how it works.

What Does Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

A homeowners policy generally has multiple coverages designed to protect you financially when disaster strikes. What are they?

Here are the most common coverages:

Your Home (Dwelling Coverage)

A hurricane eats your roof. A BBQ accident goes awry and burns your back porch and living room. Someone throws a chair through a slider, steals some belongings and trashes your house while you’re relaxing in Islamorada on vacation. In any of these situations, you’ll be happy to took the time to get home insurance.

Most basic homeowner’s insurance policies include dwelling coverage which covers the cost to repair or rebuild due to damage such as:

In Florida home insurance usually does cover hurricane wind damage but usually doesn’t cover flood damage. For that you’d need a separate policy or possibly an endorsement adding coverage to the home insurance. (Endorsement means a change to the policy) Also, if you do have hurricane coverage the deductible is usually separate from and higher than the deductible for the other potential risks.

Other Structures (Other Structures Coverage)

This coverage is for things like a shed, gazebo, swimming pool, detached garage or backyard fence on your property. With other structures coverage, your policy will cover a percentage of the Dwelling Coverage — it’s typically around 10% so if you have items listed above and they are higher value it is important to share that with your agent. A $350,000 house would have $35,000 of Other Structures coverage in a normal policy.

Keep in mind it would be nice to have this coverage on your property for the things that might not be part of your primary dwelling, but would still incur an expense to replace if they sustained damage. Bear in mind additional coverage is also available for more complex structures like a pool house or guest house. Let your agent know so we can accurately calculate the coverage amounts.

Personal Property

If it’s the dry season and a wildfire in the neighborhood burns your house to the ground, you’ll need help replacing things beyond just your house. What about that new sofa you love so much? Or that amazing 80” Sony TV needs to watch The Mandalorian? That is barely scratching the surface. You would need new clothes, new cups, new China, a new cooler, new chairs…. I’m running out of C words, but you get the point.

This coverage protects your possessions inside your house that help make it a house. On thing else to keep in mind is that expensive items like art and jewelry are covered but there is usually a dollar limit on them. If you have these it might be worth looking into a Personal Items Policy which is designed to cover such items.

Liability Coverage

Liability insurance covers you against any lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage in your home. This coverage will pay for legal representation and could also cover damages you’ve been deemed responsible for in court.

Personal liability insurance provides coverage for you, your home, and your guests in the event of an accident or bodily injury. Legally, you are the responsible party for damages and medical payments if a guest in your home is injured, regardless of the accidental nature of the event. You might also be liable for accidents that occur away from your property if your family is the cause, or if family members who live with you are responsible. Personal liability protection covers legal defense costs and damages if you are sued and also applicable medical payments.

Additional Living Expenses

We had clients suffer major damage to their houses from Hurricane Irma. The Additional Living Expense covers the cost of hotel bills and restaurants bills while you’re forced to stay away from home until things are fixed.

It is meant to help you pay for costs over and above your usual living expenses you take on while your home gets rebuilt or repaired. One client had a big pine tree basically cut his house in half. He was quite happy this coverage allowed him to maintain a decent quality of life while the contractor got busy.

What Homeowner’s Insurance Does Not Cover

Here are some items not covered in a standard Florida Homeowners Policy:


When the water start rising, hopefully you are in a safe place and have flood insurance in place. This is because standard home insurance policies do not cover flood damage to your home. If you live in a designated flood zone, you should have a flood insurance policy and also a home insurance policy. If you live in a preferred flood risk area there is still a chance of flooding – 30% of claims come from non-flood zones. The preferred risk policies are very reasonable – typically around $450 annually for $250,000 in coverage.


I get it. We live in Florida and who worries about earthquakes? The answer is not many people and there are very few annually and most occur in the Panhandle. Regardless, they do happen and would require a separate policy to cover damages.


Most polices will offer Catastrophic Ground Collapse coverage. This is the coverage that should step up if your house disappears overnight in a hole in the ground.  The separate Sinkhole coverage is more for the slow and subtle shifting of the ground beneath your house’s foundation. This often can cause only cosmetic damage that is very costly to repair, so it’s typically not offered. In fact, there are some carriers that might limit all of these coverages if your house is located near a known and active sinkhole area.


Termites, old and peeling roof shingles, leaky water pipes and prior damage are all things home insurance usually won’t cover. Taking steps to maintain your home and showing pride of ownership are important for a number or reasons. Your home is a big investment and should be treated with love and care. The home insurance policy is not designed to cover things that should be the owners responsibility.


Dwelling Coverage

Provides funds to replace or repair the structure when damage is caused due to a covered peril.

Actual Cash Value

Replacement cost less depreciation.

Dwelling Extension

Provides coverage for damage caused by covered perils to structures separate from main dwelling such as garages or sheds.

Loss of use

This coverage can provide financial assistance to you while your home is being repaired and is unlivable as a result of a covered loss.

Replacement Cost

This will replace your belongings with like kind and quality.

Medical Expense

May pay for non-residents injuries that you are legally responsible for.

Personal Property Coverage

May pay to replace the personal contents of your home that are not permanent parts of the dwelling. Coverage only applies in conjunction with a loss caused by a covered peril.

Personal Liability

May protect you, your spouse, and resident relatives under age 21 for claims you’re legally obligated to pay resulting from things such as injury, sickness, disease, and death. The coverage may also include the cost of defending claims against you.


Are you looking to save on your new insurance policy? Our professionals have the skills to help you get the best rates. Ask us about what we can do to help you save.

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Condo ASSOCIATION Insurance

Goodlad & Swank has partnered with top rated insurance companies writing coverage in Florida for primary homes, secondary and seasonal homes, condo units, as well as property you own and rent to others.

Life Insurance

Protect your family with the right life insurance coverage. Whether life insurance is needed for your family or your business we can help you find the right policy at the best possible price.

Flood Insurance

Find out your risk and get protected. Goodlad & Swank offers coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program as well as private flood insurance carriers.

Auto Insurance

Goodlad & Swank has partnered with some of the largest, most respected auto insurance carriers in the industry to provide coverage for cars, motorcycles, motor homes, and recreational vehicles.

Business Insurance

Our business is protecting your business from the risks you face everyday, whether your business is large or small. Call and speak to one of our licensed agents and find out how best to protect your business.


At Goodlad & Swank, we are a team that values integrity in our dealings with clients, insurance carriers and the professionals with whom we interact. We’re a local and family owned independent insurance agency that was founded in 2009, serving the coverage needs throughout Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres and the surrounding South West Florida region.

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