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Browse through our useful articles relating to Florida Home, Auto, Flood, Business and Life Insurance.

Victimhood or Agency?

By Butch Swank Agency. You’d be right to think I am talking about insurance again, but I am not. I am talking about the idea

Types of Renters Policies

Today, we’re going to talk about rental property insurance. In our world, it’s called a dwelling policy. So there’s a clear delineation between a homeowners policy, someone that lives there actively, someone who has a vested interest, versus a tenant that’s in your property that is paying you rent.

Top Tips About Dock Insurance

Today I’m going to talk about dock insurance. This will be a short one, there’s not a ton to talk about simply because a ton of home insurance carriers simply have zero coverage for your dock.

Questions About Boat Insurance

Today we’re going to talk about boat insurance. I’m going to keep it short and sweet but there are a couple of important things that I want you to understand, and you will understand by the time I’m done.

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