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Browse through our useful articles relating to Florida Home, Auto, Flood, Business and Life Insurance.

Hanlon’s Razor

I imagine you’ve heard of Occam’s Razor (not a typo, hang in there with me), but if not, here goes: “The simplest explanation is usually...

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Greater Lehigh Acres Development

I received the information below from John Talmage, head of the Lee County Economic Development office. Our Southwest Florida Business Alliance had a luncheon recently,...

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Where are we?

If someone asks where you live and they’re not very familiar with Florida, you say Fort Myers, right? Mentioning places like Bonita, Estero, or Lehigh...

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In a funk

I was at the doctor’s and was being prepped for a little procedure. While being stabbed with needles filled with anesthetics, the nurse and I...

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Doing what’s hard

I’m not sure what’s wrong in America. I imagine you can’t, either. I’m writing this to see if I can begin to work out the...

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Traffic and Tee Ball

I stumbled upon some interesting relationship advice recently. It’s from a couple that introduced a clever system for the end-of-day talk that pretty much all...

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